Character Creation Guide

Ok all, first of a little introduction. This will be a High-power game. I will gladly add allowed books as you request them so long as they are reasonable. I expect the focus to be about 70/30 fighting/RP though that may change as time go on and the campaign takes on a more distinct shape. Expect there to be a large amount of planar travel, elementals, and elemental damage, some of which WILL pass by/reduce resistances/immunities. Now, on to the Bullet points!

  • Characters Start at ECL 21
    o You have 1,000,000 gp to equip yourself with. You are also assumed to have a basic mount with saddle/barding, a few sets of clothes, and a Haversack capable of holding up to 1,000 pounds.
    o You will also receive one Legacy item with no penalties associated with it. This item will not require feats to use. You may build this item using the rules found in Weapons of Legacy.
    o Good or Neutral Alignments only.
    o All races/classes/variants from PHB 1&2, DMG and UA accepted, anything else ask first please. No Psionics will be in the game, PC or otherwise.
    o Set Stat array of 18, 18, 16, 16, 14, 14

*As a very Strong suggestion, you’ll want to stay away from classes focused entirely on a single element. There will be a large number of elemental creatures in the game and having the wrong energy type could put you squarely on the sidelines for an entire fight. If you MUST have an elemental focus, i’d stay away from fire and cold as they will be the main themes.

-Caster Note: I don’t like keep track of material components carefully and honestly thought it rather arbitrary, so begin play with the Eschew Materials Feat! Also, instead of spells taking a page/level in you book, all spells take a single page (though the cost to copy them remains the same). Learn 3 spells/level (or 4/level if specialist). The PHB is fair game, everything else please ask.

Character Creation Guide

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