“Travel across one plane can be trying enough, but our journey may well take us across the very Planes of existence, a dangerous prospect without at least some foreknowledge of the dangers you may face.”

In D&D there are multiple layers, or planes, of existence. For the purposes of our game, we will be using a slightly reduced number of the Planes.

Material Plane- This is your basic plane, similar to Earth in every way. In most games this is the only plane you ever play on, the plane the core mechanics were designed around. The Prime Material Plane for our game will be Gaia by name. No special rules.

The Transitive Planes
Mainly used to move from one location or plane to another, these planes connect to one or more other planes and are regularly accessed by spells or portals. The following make up the Transitive planes of out game:

  • The Ethereal Plane- Filled with swirling mist of every color, the Ethereal plane is accessed by a number of spells. Travelers on this plane can see into the material plane, though the images will be distorted and fuzzy. Attacks cannot pass from the Ethereal plane to the Material, and only force effects can pass from the Material to the Ethereal. There is no gravity on the Ethereal Plane. Only Intersects the Prime Material and Astral Planes.
  • The Plane of Shadow- A warped, distorted version of the material plane, the shadow plane seems to be a dark mirror of the Prime. All things on the Shadow Plane appear in shades of black, white and gray. The Prime and Shadow planes have many of the same landmarks, though because of its morphic quality locations on the shadow plane tend to drift location from time to time. Normal Gravity, mildly evil aligned (good/neutral characters -2 on CHA rolls), Empowered spells: shadow descriptor spells maximized and % based shadow spells gain and extra 10% damage, impeded spells: light or fire descriptor. Only intersects the Prime Material and Astral Planes.
    Note: though the plane itself only every touches two others, spells such as Shadow Conjuration can bring bits of the plane into existence on other planes for a short amount of time. This is not enough to allow shadow plane travel outside the Prime material plane
  • The Astral Plane- An endless, silver sky filled with swirling pools of color, the is very little solid material in the Astral Plane. The Astral, more than any other plane, is a gateway plane and most planar travelers will pass through it at some point. Subjective directional gravity (pick a direction an “fall” to move), Timeless (No hunger, thirst, aging, poison or natural healing occur. These things resume when you leave this plane.) Empowered magic: all spells quickened.

The Inner Planes
The basic elements the world is comprised of make up the inner planes. These Planes can only be accessed by going through the Astral Plane or powerful magic. Note that travel on any of these planes without proper protection is a VERY dangerous idea.


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